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Marbella Townhouses At Damac Lagoons Sale

Damac Lagoonside, Dubai


The newest development by Damac Properties, Marbella at Damac Lagoons, offers the most luxurious living in 4 and 5-bedroom townhouses and villas in Dubai. The infrastructure in this brilliantly portrayed land of love and passion makes it manifest, and these famous urban ideas represent a new declaration of address there. The exposure you would never have had is here, bringing all of your dreams to life.

The best services make every aspect of life simple, brilliant, and full of joy. Grand interiors were used in the design of the drizzling water all around with legendary elements capturing the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The days coming to steal your tension from daily life are the days of incomparable fun where you leave imprints that can never be erased from your memories.

The best entertainment and amusement services are available in a grand ambiance of comfort and elegance. a location where these spectacular townhouses and villas transport you on a luxurious and enjoyable journey. The comfort of your life and adventure within the boundaries of only your site. The excellent accessibility and services, especially the designs, have inspired new levels of love and care for both natural and contemporary components.

Features & Amenities

With its incredibly inspirational townhouses and villas, Marbella at Damac Lagoons epitomises luxury in every way! The outstanding architecture is inspired by the history that the Damac Lagoons have upheld. With that, a stunning story is revealed, giving locals feelings they have never had before. Some of the most beautiful vistas may be found all around the attractive, elegantly designed residences. Enjoy the beach experiences, water cinema, indoor and outdoor sports hub, and mountain waterfall, among other things.

Master Plan

The Mediterranean-inspired architecture of Marbella by Damac Properties has its own unique charm and lifestyle taste, which promotes peace and love in daily life. Take advantage of the opportunity to share the spirit of luxury and relaxation with your loved ones. This great location has a wide range of benefits and amenities for better living with everyone and like-minded individuals that increase the enjoyment. Users will have greater fun and happiness with wellness centres and zones thanks to premium services, entertainment areas, and amenities, as well as many other benefits that are hard to come by.


Marbella is situated in Dubai's renowned Damac Lagoons, where the presence of water elements is unavoidable and where you may take advantage of the new glitz and glamour of luxury. Since you never feel down in this area, everything you could possibly need for your everyday life is easily accessible and available in a matter of minutes.

With a variety of transit options and networks, you may easily access all the services and amenities you could want, as well as nearby stores that can meet your needs. The area is home to some of the top and largest infrastructural and luxury projects.

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