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Chic Tower at Business Bay - Damac Sale

Business Bay, Dubai | Starting Price : 1.46M AED


In Business Bay, Dubai, Chic Tower by Damac Properties is the newest and recently completed project that offers customized design studios to 4-bedroom apartments. Discover the new heights of luxury in the exclusive area known for the great advantages it has to offer nearby. You are given access to some of the most luxurious advantages in a position that is special and unique from the rest of Dubai.

A lavish lifestyle without boundaries that treasures these rich moments allows you to savor them and delve deeply into the source of your own happiness. There is no need to travel the globe in search of items when the location is great in every manner, allowing you to lead a filled existence.

Features & Amenities

Damac Chic Tower provides its visitors and residents with a selection of the amenities and advantages that come with living in a luxury residence. Its 7 renewing bath zones, which have been created to remove toxins from the body and make your skin glow, are the main draw. Residents of this development will live a fantastic lifestyle thanks to the baths and pools, juice bars, spas and gyms, cabanas, and playgrounds.

Master Plan

The professional touch combined with individual wants and requests that are satisfied in this Chic Tower creates the appearance that luxury is king. A revitalizing lifestyle with stunning water features, seven layers of bathtubs, spas, and salons with cutting-edge goods, outdoor gyms, and other cutting-edge amenities. The website is prepared to provide you with a life that is finally brilliant and clear.

With access to Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa, and networks to wander the entirety of this dynamic city and its beautiful infrastructures, the location also offers the new awakened luxury and redefined the scope of a better life. The mythology of the amenities and services offered here is fundamentally unique and innovative, allowing people to benefit from them and improve their lives in terms of health, entertainment, leisure, and everything else.


This new and elevated way of living is centered in Business Bay, Dubai, and it highlights first-class accessibility and novel luxuries. You can experience the pricey and unique qualities that the fresh spark of reawakened luxury is ready to deliver to you. The shops and outlets provide you the most cutting-edge and top-notch goods in every category, from health to entertainment, and the amenities are just amazing.

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