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Waves Opulence Apartments by Sobha Realty Sale

Sobha Hartland,Dubai


We are happy to announce the opening of Waves Opulence by Sobha Group, which offers beachfront apartments in Sobha Hartland in Dubai with 1 to 4 bedrooms, starting price of AED 1.55 million, and provides a flexible payment option of 60/40. In order to include an opulent waterfront lifestyle in one of Dubai's most renowned neighborhoods, Sobha built the interface of the newest lifestyle.

A serene haven away from the city's noise, with lavish mansions adjacent to the lake. The most lavish homes include an exceptional architecture that blends a superb living area with a lot of available space. The final chapter of The Waves Trilogy offers continuous 360-degree views.

Your spirit will feel revitalized and revitalized as you take in the dynamic sights of downtown, which bring with them a lifestyle surrounded by a lush environment and a breathtaking view of the lake. The ideal location of this planned community provides quick access to everything required to live a more comfortable life.

Features & Amenities

Residents of Sobha Waves Opulence will have access to a wide range of amenities and facilities, including a kids' playground, an indoor and outdoor gym, a courtyard garden where you can breathe in the fresh air and a pleasant wind, a large pool, relaxation places, and much more.

offering premium living environments with a new level of sophistication and enhancing the standard of living through the usage of unnecessarily opulent facilities. While you relax in the pool with your loved ones, friends, and family, enjoy some water sports and the sun.

Master Plan

The Waves Opulence master plan aims to close the book on waterfront living with the Waves Trilogy development, which will offer the area's most opulent homes. Each of the residences will have a substantial square footage, and unique architectural features, and be encircled by lush landscaping and ocean waves. Life is at its most enjoyable when one takes into account the leisurely views, first-rate infrastructure, and brilliant convenience.

Learn about the phenomenon of luxury at a new level, where the magnificent amenities, including classy swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, cafes, world-class dining facilities, etc., combine to make life more exciting and engaging for people of all ages. You can take use of a variety of services while spending quality time with the ones you care about most thanks to a world of lavish facilities. Dive into the endless happiness and peace that Waves has crafted in this opulent setting.


Waves Opulence may be found at Sobha Hartland, the most upscale seaside neighborhood in Dubai. It provides you with the comforts and services you require to fulfill all of your lifestyle requirements and makes it easier to get your everyday duties done.

The most affluent way of life, with quick access to many popular sites, including, among others, Dubai's downtown and a wildlife refuge, as well as many more. Numerous conveniences and open spaces are located close to the front entrance.

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