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The Heaven at Dubai Creek Harbour

The Sea Heaven at Dubai Creek Harbour by Sobha Sale

Dubai Creek Harbour


Introducing Sobha Sea Heaven, the newest development by the Sobha Group at Dubai Harbour, which offers waterfront apartments with famous views of the Palm Jumeirah. Discover a new way to live that is based on global standards that push the envelope. giving customers access to a brand-new, enticing sort of home, where the high-end luxury craftsmanship and finishing make them even more alluring and beautiful.

Located in the center of Dubai Harbour, it offers amazing views of the cityscapes, the coasts, the imposing Ain Dubai, and the majestic Burj Al Arab. Along with showcasing the joyous spirit of living, adored infrastructure, and architectural brilliance enable the select few perceptive to appreciate the beauty of the home.

A new way of life is influenced by lavish interiors and glitzy exteriors, a serene environment, and beautiful exteriors. Explore the accessible amenities, beautiful waterfront surrounds, restaurants, cafes, and other amenities that will undoubtedly bring you eternal delight.

Features & Amenities

Living at Sobha Sea Heaven is like entering a brand-new universe that is brimming with joy, excitement, and calm. The project is close to attractions including the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Ain Dubai, as well as eateries, cafes, and other establishments along the water. Feel what it's like to lead a life that exceeds your greatest expectations and most imaginative fantasies. Immerse yourself in the stunning development's luxurious designs and breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah, Ain Dubai, and other landmarks.

Master Plan

The highly regarded Sobha Sea Heaven master plan offers the most in-demand living area in the most ideal setting, giving inhabitants advantages in every aspect. Your lifestyle will undergo a revolution as a result of the process of selecting a home in the upscale community of Dubai Harbour. Come and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to select and reserve your ideal home here in order to entirely alter the environment in which you live and the way that you live.

Along with Dubai's stunning environment, it offers top-notch amenities and services. The excellent facilities, entertainment options, attractions, and a variety of other features will all add to your better quality of life.


The Sobha Group's independent and opulent Sobha Sea Heaven development in Dubai Harbour allows it to exist adjacent to renowned neighborhoods. It creates links between users and a wide range of places and destinations, such as recreational and leisure facilities, coffee shops, and others.

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