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Tilal Al Ghaf

Elysian Mansion by Majid Al Futtaim Sale

Tilal Al Ghaf


A shiny new private expansion has arrived in the pined oceanfront area of Tilal Al Ghaf, Dubai, under the name of Elysian Mansions by Majid Al Futtaim. This is a tailor-made assortment of the home offering a choice of 5 & 6 bedrooms mansions with an all-out region n going from 14,839 to 17,950 sqft, land organization. Altogether, there will be 92 units of the mansion the improvement will be introduced in 2 stages. The inhabitant in this beachfront station is now being made available with a simple and attractive payment plan.

The Mediterranean stimulates chic residences with inconspicuous designs and a premium atmosphere gives signature living space. Stylishly done interiors, with large living areas, the Kitchen Gardens, private beach, the Water Gardens, and large floor-to-ceiling windows offering amazing views of the surrounding beachfront area do raise the overall standard of your living.

Features & Amenities

Elysian Mansions by Majid Al Futtaim, comes with the world's best and unique features and amenities, Sandy Beach for enjoyment, Swimming Pools where you can relax your body, an Indoor & Outdoor Gym Where you can do exercise to keep your body fit, Worlds best Holistic Healthcare Facility, Beach Restaurants & Cafés where you can do parties, Tilal al Ghaf is majid al Futtaim's leader blended-use local area in Dubai, comes with extravagance resort-like living around tidal pond al Ghaf, a sporting tidal pond with sandy white seashores.

Mansion stoned with some of the intoxicated apparatus, where life gives you approach a lot also. The breezy climate lets you enjoy a stress-free style of living coated with assorted convenience apparatus, including the likes of Elysian Mansions has Beach Cabanas, Table Tennis, Tennis Court, Outdoor Cinema, Community Town Centre, and many more.

Master Plan

Elysian Mansions by Majid Al Futtaim, Located at Tilal Al Ghaf, is a pre-arranged neighborhood, in Downtown Dubai. These properties are worked by the best architect in Dubai, known for their immovable quality and lucky culminations. That comes with wooden flooring in the bedroom, the world's best universal Healthcare Facility, Sandy Beach where you can enjoy with your family in your free time, and private Central Park, with rich ways and staggering perspectives on the encompassing nature. Profound woods and open ways blend with workmanship shows and public spots.


Elysian Mansions by Majid Al Futtaim, come across at Tilal Al Ghaf, with its close by an amazing open door to all the key region target so the objective can get to its simple indistinguishable road associations.

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