Damac Share our Metaverse Vision

So, you log into my platform, sitting out of New York, you're interested in buying a Damac property. We have a lot of customers today who fit within that set. We sell over 100-150 million dirhams today, what we call pure online, which is on a Zoom call. The revenue model of the metaverse is going to be that instead of logging on a Zoom call, you log into our metaverse platform, and you have a sales agent speak to you in a similar way where I'm speaking, but you as the customer will be able to walk through my different products.

If you're interested in three bedrooms, I will highlight to you what are the three bedrooms in the community you are walking through you can visit them, you can see the views, you can choose the finishes, you can choose the furniture that you'd like to have, you go all the way to the checkout, you pay for the unit and you're onboarded as a customer. So the revenue generation and the monetization of a metaverse is to further enhance the sales of Damac Group when it comes to our real estate.

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