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Darb 3 By Alef Group At Sharjah Sale

Al Mamsha Seerah


Introducing Darb 3, the newest project by Alef Group, which features opulent 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments in Al Mamsha Raseel, Sharjah. Darb 3 has been carefully designed to bring out the best in life. A brand-new area in Sharjah, where residents can enjoy the best happiness possible thanks to the environment's cutting-edge technical features.

A location that is a masterpiece in terms of its positioning and strategic design, allowing one to carry out all elements of their existence with a fair amount of ease, while also offering opportunities for fun activities and giving its users a greater appreciation for life. In general, a magnificent convenience at many sites that adds to the overall construction of shining beauty as a part of living.

A significant community that is walkable, with contemporary housing, retail and shop space, facilities, recreational space, and an environment that is friendly to pedestrians, are all features of the development that have been carefully planned to satisfy all of a person's living needs. The most significant facets of life are wholly yours to possess as a result of all that has happened.

Features & Amenities

The Alef Darb 3 is a brand-new location that the Alef Group has loaded with features and services to make your life convenient and comfortable. The Sharjah development is a place where you may push your limits while taking part in an incredible sense of community life.

Master Plan

A master-planned community named Al Mamsha Raseel in Sharjah is expanding its way of life to include a brand-new area called Darb 3 Residences, which will mix the advantages of modernism and luxury in an unheard-of manner. With a wide range of excellent services and amenities that cater to every aspect of your lifestyle, you may experience the refuge and flow of luxury.

Simply take advantage of the chance to elevate the level of elegance and refinement in your life. Enjoy a lovely day with the people you love while exploring all that Sharjah has to offer.


Alef Darb 3 is situated in Al Mamsha Raseel, the newest address in Sharjah, a neighbourhood known for its leisurely design adventures. Al Mamsha in Sharjah is the go-to location for all of your necessities in life. Additionally, it offers a wonderful walkable community living with a wealth of amenities in one location. Among other things, these facilities include retail, shops, amenities, and recreational areas. These elements work together to simplify and ease your life in every manner possible for better living.

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